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New Highline documentary "DE FIL EN AIGUILLES"

Wie baut man eine Highline, Technik, Equipment?

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New Highline documentary "DE FIL EN AIGUILLES"

Beitragvon worklessclimbmore » 29.03.2014, 20:01

Hi highline addicts!

I'm Laurent Triay from Worklessclimbmore films. I discovered highline about two years ago starting a new film with the french team Pyrénaline. After one year shooting them opening the most beautiful lines in the French Pyrénées mountains, the film is now available in french, spanish and english by HD download for only 5€ on my website here: http://www.worklessclimbmore.com/index.php/en/hd-download/86-films-download/121-de-fil-en-aiguilles-hd-download
I would be very happy to read your feed backs here and hope you'll enjoy it as we did making it. You will discover the most insane european rope jumps too, like the spain record: 200m falling with a rope!

Wish you great time highlining!

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