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Slacklining – the art to balance to a thin webbing developed into a mega trend sport over the past few years.

Since 2005 slackliner.de has been on the market and established new standards of quality and safety with their ongoing product development. Innovations and affordable slackline equipment is key to our success.

We developed several new products from scratch and we are proud to be part of this exciting trend sport, which we like influence with our ideas.

Our brand called Sigma Slacklines, is the latest generation of webbing specifically designed for modern slacklining. Exclusive sold here in our online shop.

We hope you will find our pages interesting and we would like to introduce you to our slackline kits . Our kits will make the learning process of this great activity fun.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions which may arise and have a look into our 'News Blog' – here you can find a lot of pictures, videos, instructions and tips all around slacklining.

Our advice

ellington webbing

Ellington Webbing

20,95 EUR
Slackline Kid Sigma

Sigma Slackline Kid 25m or 35 m

79,95 EUR
jormungand pink

Sigma N ( Jormungand ) - Kopie

1,49 EUR
flash, 4 parts

Flash, 15m 4 parts

39,95 EUR
Sigma Impact 2

Sigma Impact ( 25mm )

1,05 EUR


67,95 EUR

DUOgreen 4 Parts

39,95 EUR
4 part slackline kid duo

Duo, 15m 4 parts

39,00 EUR

39,95 EUR
DUO- The new fifties

Duo 8 Part Slackline Kid

67,95 EUR

Flash, 50mm Kid 8 Parts

67,95 EUR